It is difficult for students to get around since travel cost is constantly on increase. Oyster cards are the best option on the buses, DLR, and some trains. If you’re 18+, on full-time education, or mandatory work placement you may be eligible for Student Travel Card. You can also apply for 16-25 RailCard as there is no limit to the number of times you can use the RailCard so it is great news for anyone with the RailCard.
To apply, you must be enrolled with the institution, or university that is registered on the TFL scheme and need to submit a colored digital photo, student enrollment ID, course start and end date, twenty-pound fee, and active email and phone number.
Apart from the travel card, if you want discounts on food or non-alc drinks, you can apply for ISIC (International Student Identity Card) card.
Get a clear understanding of Student Travel Card Information here.