Application Process

Application Process2021-02-22T04:57:48+00:00
Find a Course in a Suitable University2021-02-22T04:50:46+00:00

A counsellor will assess your academic background and suggest suitable universities where you will be able to secure offers.

Consultation with counseller2021-02-23T06:25:31+00:00

Our expert counsellor will explain the complete process of UK university application and discuss your study and career goals.

Receive Offers from University2021-02-22T04:46:33+00:00

We will ensure you to receive conditional or unconditional offers after your UK university application process. We will guide you in making the right choice for a course as well.

Prepare your application2021-02-22T04:45:58+00:00

Your counsellor will review your personal statement, CV, reference letters and application forms before sending them to your chosen universities.

Application Form