UK dependent visa new RulesUK dependent visa new Rules 2024 for international students

The UK government has announced Uk dependent visa new rules on dependent
policy recently. Students of Master’s who are likely to bring their dependents to the
Uk will not be able to continue with the previous policies. From now, Ph.D. students
only can take their dependents along with them from January 2024. Although it is
officially not started, it will be implemented very soon.

The Key Rules –
● The Uk government has excluded the ability to bring the dependent
rules for international masters students.
● Ph.D. Students are eligible to be accompanied by their dependents.
● Students can not switch to work until they finish their studies.
● This rule will not hamper any graduate or postgraduate students in any

Restrictions on dependants VISA Policy!

the British government has eliminated the ability to bring dependents with
international students who are studying a master’s programme. Home Secretary
“Suella Braverman” stated that the government is removing the right of bringing
dependants with international students unless their postgraduate courses are
designated with a research programme. The announcement for UK dependant visa
new rules are yet to pass as immigration law in the UK. Hence, it is indefinite that
from when it will be started exactly. However, you can still bring your dependents
with you until December 2023.

Reasons behind the UK dependent visa new rules?

A new rule of UK dependent visa has been announced by the home secretary “Suella
Braverman”. It was a written statement and they expressed that international students
are no longer allowed to bring dependants with them unless their required programme is
P.hD. This move is intended to decrease the net migration to the United Kingdom.
Because, In between 2021 to 2022, total immigrants exceeded nearly half of a million –
more than twice the number in 2019, and new data says it is expected to show that the
2022 total has risen by almost 200,000. In the year 2022, according to the Home Office,
“almost half a million student visas were issued while the number of dependants of
overseas students have increased by 750% since 2019, to 136,000 people.”

When will be new rules applicable?

The UK dependent visa new rules will be implemented from January 2024. Yet the date is
not officially announced. Hopefully, you will get an update soon within a few days. Students
who want to bring their dependents can take them till December 2023.

Impression after the New UK Dependent VISA Rules?

The UK government provided a written statement for international students and stated that
international students are restricted to take dependants with them for doing a single
master’s programme in the UK. Still, a Ph.D. holder student will not be affected by the UK
dependent visa new rules in 2024.

Restriction on Switching the VISA

International students will no longer be able to switch for a Skilled Worker Visa
until their studies have been finished. The rule is considered to demoralize
international students from choosing the United kingdom mainly because they
want to work there, rather than study. The government is shutting down the
potential of the Skilled Worker Route being used as a backdoor for non-genuine
students determined to find work in the UK. You should first complete your
education and stay in the UK for the required period of time. You will be able to
switch your visa if you have graduated from your required programme.

Will the Policy Be Softened?

It is quite indefinite about how much flexibility Ms Braverman will allow regarding
which students can bring dependants:
“Our intention is to work with universities over the course of the next year to
design an alternative approach that ensures that the best and the brightest
students can bring dependants to our world-leading universities while continuing
to decline the net amount of immigrants. We will bring in this system as soon as
possible, after thorough consultation with the sector and key stakeholders

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