Starting university is a major new chapter in your life. Gone are the days of every second being planned out for you by school timetables and, if you choose to move away, gone are the days of coming home to some of mum’s cooking and a clean bed. Living independently may be one of the biggest learning points at university and here are a few things to look forward to or bear in mind during your UK university life.

Cooking and food shopping

You will have money from student finance, and depending on your lifestyle, it may be that you must budget carefully if you wish to eat well. Most universities provide student accommodation for the first year, and few include catering which will save you this effort! However, if you do get to cook for yourself, you have that freedom to cook what you want, when you want. Try to get some nutrients in there, and get creative – there are lots of student cookbooks out there to inspire you!

Making friends

Probably one of the most daunting prospects of moving away from home is that you will not have the friends you had back home. Making friends can be daunting but remember that everyone is in the same position. There are normally events during fresher’s week to help you meet new people. Joining societies and clubs that you are interested in is a great way to find like-minded people.

Keeping it clean

Cleaning may be boring but it is not something you want to go without. Try to spare time every week to give your room a wipe down and if you have any shared living spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, make a rota to ensure it’s fair and gets done.

Moving away to go to university may be daunting, but it is a great way to become more independent. Whatever appeals to you, Contact Shape of Tomorrow’s Education for advice on what university would suit you best and to find out more about UK university life.

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