Picking the right course when you enrol at university should obviously factor in your passions and you might want to know the UK courses in demand. However, it’s also worth taking note of the industries and sectors which are on the lookout for aspiring new job seekers as well.

Below we have included a list of five industries which are currently employing staff at an unprecedented rate:

1) Education

Due to a retention crisis in schools, the education sector has become extremely committed to enabling graduates to train as teachers. Employability is quite high and the average annual salary is roughly £27,000, which includes a wealth of benefits.

2) Computer science

As the age of information continues to expand, so does the need for cybersecurity, data management and technical support. Official statistics from 2017 indicated that employees earn approximately £30,000 annually, owing to the fact it’s such a desirable skill set.

3) Engineering

Construction, infrastructure and development are ongoing, therefore the need for engineers is expected to increase roughly by 130,000 new jobs throughout the next decade. Projections indicate that industrial, electric and mechanical engineers will be particularly in demand and can expect an average salary of £33,000 per year.

4) Business administration

As a well-rounded and adaptable degree, this has become a popular choice for graduates seeking employment in a wide array of companies and corporate environments. It also complements creative degrees brilliantly for those looking to break into the creative and marketing industries.

5) Finance

Financial experts are highly sought after, as they are key to maintaining stability and spending within the business sector. Generally, graduates with a mathematical specialism earn 30% more than other graduates and potential employees can expect to earn up to £40,000 per year.

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