Course Details

Intake: January, May, September

Mode of Study: Full Time

Course Length: 1-2 Years

Fee Range: £12,000-£20,000

The Bar Practice Course (BPC) is a qualifying postgraduate course that allows graduates to prepare, practice and develop their skills as advocates. You’ll know the responsibilities of barristers and their vital role in the administration of justice during this course.

The course is specially designed for those who want to develop their skills as advocates and help the client in presenting legal cases in court.

The course mainly covers 3 areas

  • Advocacy
  • Written and oral advisory skills
  • Drafting skills.

Entry Requirements

  • Should have completed the academic requirements.
  • At least 7.5 in the English IELTS test.
  • Must clear the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test)
  • Should be a member of the Inns of Court.